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Applying for a job is free of charge

Listing a job is free of charge

We connect Ukrainian refugees to Belgian employers.


War is raging in Ukraine. Millions of civilians have been forced out of their homes. Many have left the country, in search of safety. These refugees are mainly women with children. They have arrived in Belgium with almost nothing. Nobody can predict how long this terrible situation will last.

With this platform, we want to give Ukrainian refugees a new perspective by helping them to find a job. 

As an employer, you can do your part by taking 2 minutes and post your available jobs. Ukranian refugees will apply directly to your company. Thank you for your help!

This service is fully free of charge.

Spring Bird Project

The migrating bird is a powerful symbol of the spring and the revival through flying back to its homeland! Like this bird, we also hope that one day Ukrainian refugees who choose to do so will be able to fly back to their homeland, heralding brighter days.

In the meantime, our not-for-profit association has set up this free job board connecting Belgian employers and Ukrainian refugees in Belgium. 

Our initiative is politically neutral and is not motivated by any economic or financial objective related to the members of our association.

 * The jobs are only available for people suffering from the current situation